Barré Challenge cup

Máté Gergely 2024. 06. 10. Team building

“The Barré Challenge Cup is on its way: we have created a new company tradition”
We are pleased to announce that our company has created a new tradition by launching the Barré Challenge Cup. This special trophy is awarded to the winners of our corporate competitions and events, who can keep it for a month or until the next competition at the latest. Our aim with this cup is to encourage team spirit and to make team spirit among colleagues even stronger.

The first event to compete for the Barré Challenge Cup was an exciting darts tournament. During the competition, the participants enthusiastically threw themselves into the game and the winning team (Levente F. and István K.) was finally awarded the cup in a ceremony. Congratulations to them for their excellent performance!

There will be many more events and competitions throughout the year to compete for the Barré Challenge Cup. All colleagues will have the opportunity to prove their skills and win the trophy at the next competition.