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The healthcare industry, including the pharmaceutical industry, is a major consumer of IT solutions. The highly regulated operation of the sector is monitored and controlled by many organizations, so ensuring legal compliance, documentation and auditability are basic requirements. The handling of patients’ personal data and, in addition the data personal disease(s) is subject to the strictest data management regulation. All steps in the production of medical products are strictly documented, including change management processes and related IT solutions. The administrative burden of compliance requirements is almost impossible to meet without strong process and document management solutions.

Our company’s target market is large pharmaceutical companies where 7×24 operations, FDA or GxP and GDPR compliance and the ability to change business processes in parallel with daily operations are standard requirements. For this reason, it is clear that content management, business process management and data warehouse-based business data analytics can only be solved with IT tools that meet the requirements of large enterprises, so IBM products are an excellent choice for these purposes.

The content management, business process management and data analytics solutions of Barre Technologies have proven their worth in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Our general IBM FileNet-based document management and IBM Datacap OCR-based systems have proven to be excellent for regulatory-, maintenance-, document management, and automation the meter calibration paper flow tasks, and contribute to efficient, paperless case management. Our generic IBM FileNet-based document management and contract management solutions also hold their own in the pharmaceutical industry.

During the COVID pandemic, multinational pharmaceutical companies with multi-site operations were forced to accelerate the digitalization of their administrative processes due to travel and office work restrictions. Barré Technologies has developed solutions based on IBM Business Automation Workflow and IBM DataCap technologies to accelerate case management, regulatory and approval processing, among others. By speeding up case workflows, it can significantly improve the efficiency of cost-sensitive, mass-manufacturing pharmaceutical plants.

Our expert team provides data integration, data quality and data lifecycle management solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. We accelerate the development of data warehouse, data catalogue and MDM (central master data management) systems with IBM’s automated data discovery and data classification solutions, and in many cases with proprietary self-developed tools (e.g., ETL generation software). For our pharmaceutical clients, we also offer the IBM Optim-based test data management systems, as well as IBM Optim-based depersonalization and anonymization of their large databases – for GDPR purposes.


Regulatory repository

Company policies digitally available for all


Advanced document handling for meter calibration

Bulk meter verification without paperwork


Contract management

All contracts easily searchable


General approval process

No more signature book


SAP integrated document repository

Standard SAP integration? No problem!


Test data management

Pseudonymised test data? GDPR or MNB compliance? No problem!



IBM Filenet and Content Navigator

Document-based content management A-Z with IBM technologies


IBM Datacap

Automated image analysis of documents


IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW)

Digital business process management with IBM technologies


InfoSphere product family

Data preparation in IBM style


IBM Data Replication (CDC)

If data retrieval from source systems is a problem for the data warehouse


IBM DataStage & Quality Stage

Data cleaning and data loading in IBM style


IBM DB2 and DB2 DataWarehouse Edition

RDBMS for those who are looking for peak performance and without-compromise reliability


Power BI riports for IBM data warehouses

Non MS based data warehouse exploitation with MS PowerBI tool? It can be done!


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