7/24 Helpdesk and support

Application support day and night up to 1 hour response time

The continuous operation and management of large enterprise and public systems 7×24 hours a week is becoming a basic requirement, due to the proliferation of remote working and remote customer service over the internet. IT service delivery without interruptions and downtime cannot be supported only by over-provisioned, high-availability hardware, network and software infrastructures alone. It is  necessary to ensure high quality and high availability of expert (level 2, level 3) live support for individual components, including applications.

Barré Technologies Ltd. delivers its system implementation projects in the hope and with the quality that its customers will place their trust in it by ordering subsequent application support activities. Our professional application support services cover technical task resolution, preventive system maintenance and monitoring, and bug fixing. Our support services typically consist of reactive (troubleshooting) and proactive (error prevention) activities with availability to the expected service level, as well as ad hoc support services.

The reactive support activities include priority claim handling that is not planned in advance and task elements that are aimed at troubleshooting errors that affect the core functionality of the supported system. Such services provide support according to a defined SLA for each component. Troubleshooting activities require a complex, system-wide approach and include activities such as on-site and/or remote debugging, fault isolation, fault recovery, data collection, installation of software patches for troubleshooting, operator support.

Occurrence of  software failures or a necessary update, our colleagues will report the failure to the software vendor immediately after notification, and then work closely with the software vendor to identify the failure, interpret, evaluate and interpret the software vendor’s proposed solutions.  The results will be communicated to our customer’s professionals, and we provide support to correct the failure. In the event that the vendor does not have a solution, or if it takes longer to resolve the defect, we will find a workaround solution as far as possible, taking into account the service levels and parameters provided – so that the use of these workarounds does not compromise the warranty or guarantee conditions of the supported system.

Our company operates its own Helpdesk organization and infrastructure to serve high availability support services. Dedicated colleagues are on-call, ready to receive and acknowledge contracted customer notifications around the clock through centralized reporting channels, with the access and technical support necessary for emergency interventions and to comply with contracted SLAs. The reports are managed by our HelpDesk team in a centralized error management system and our customers are informed of the activities. Upon request, we open our error management system to our customers, create complex SLA reports or integrate that with our customers’ ticket management systems.

Our company guarantees its contracted partners the continuous training and availability of qualified troubleshooting staff to comply with the required SLA levels.

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