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What is it like to work with us?

We are a supportive team with extensive professional experience, constantly working to deliver successful, high quality projects to the best of our ability.

Dani - Developer

A modern office provides a great environment to work in, creating an inspiring and creative atmosphere. The team members here are friendly and helpful, which also adds to the working atmosphere and promotes teamwork. It is great to have the opportunity to go on company outing and attend training courses, which contributes to team building, good atmosphere and professional development, which I think is very important. Overall, the motivating atmosphere, helpful colleagues, opportunities for development and the environment is what makes me love working at Barré.

Dávid - Systems Analyst

I like working at Barré, because whatever challenges we face, the good atmosphere and professionalism is always guaranteed in this supportive community. So far, I have never met a task that we couldn’t complete together.

Ákos - Software architect

I like working at Barré because I can be part of a community of people who help each other overcome challenges and can rely on each other even in the most unexpected situations.

The team atmosphere is excellent and it’s easy to develop both personally and professionally.

What's waiting for you?

A supportive team with extensive professional experience

Extra holidays, flexible working schedule

10 days for professional training per year

Company events, well-being programme

What method do we use?

Once you are on board, you will find yourself immediately in the mentoring programme. We will wait and prepare for your arrival and, in consultation with your assigned mentor, we will set up your personalized mentoring programme. Your professional mentor will play a key role during this period, as he or she will be the one who is helping you and introducing you to the operations of Barré, giving you all the knowledge about the organisational culture you may need and supporting your professional development.

The professional tasks related to the projects (DEV – development, BA – business analysis, SA – systems architecture, SE – systems engineering) are not carried out individually, but in teams. The composition of the teams is mostly constant, with a team made up by professionals with similar technological or business competences.

What kind of projects can you work on?

Our projects are primarily in the area of enterprise content management and enterprise data asset management, and our solutions are built by integrating products that are best-in-class in their field, giving you the unique technological know-how that can provide you a sustainable option in any time and in any unexpected situation.

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