Banking and financial sector

Barré solutions for banks, insurance companies, credit guarantee insurers

Traditionally, one of the strongest and most significant markets for business IT solutions has been the banking and financial sector, as modern banking business processes are almost entirely conducted in “virtual space”, based on data and document management. The highly regulated nature of the sector is monitored and controlled by a number of organizations, making regulatory compliance, documentation, and auditability a key requirement. Our target market is banking groups and large financial institutions, where 7×24 operations, GDPR compliance and the ability to change business processes in parallel with day-to-day operations are a basic requirement. So, there is no question that content management, business process management and data warehouse-based business data analytics can only be solved with IT tools that meet enterprise requirements, so IBM products are an excellent choice for these purposes.

Barré Technologies’ content management, business process management and data analytics solutions have proven their worth in the banking, insurance, and specialized financial market business areas. Our IBM FileNet-based document management, IBM Business Automation Workflow business process management and IBM Datacap OCR-based account opening, and contract generation systems have proven to be excellent for bank branch customer “landing” tasks and contribute to the implementation of efficient paperless case management. In addition to our general IBM FileNet-based document management and contract management solutions, we also successfully perform migration, managed final deletion and support tasks for IBM Content Manager OnDemand-based systems, which are widely used in the banking industry in a many of locations.

The banking/finance industry, like other industries, has been forced to accelerate the digitalization of its administrative processes during the COVID pandemic, due to increased teleworking and remote customer management expectations. Barré Technologies Zrt. has developed IT solutions based on IBM Business Automation Workflow and IBM DataCap technologies to accelerate case management, regulatory and approval processes, among others. By speeding up case processing, employee and customer satisfaction, resource utilization and management control can be significantly improved.

Our expert team also focuses on data integration, data quality and data lifecycle management solutions for the banking sector. We accelerate the design of data warehouse, data catalog and MDM (central master data management) systems using IBM industry data models, IBM automated data discovery and data classification solutions, and in many cases, specialized tools (e.g., ETL generation software). At our clients in the financial sector, we have gained project experience in data warehouse construction and IBM DataStage ETL development, building IBM Optim-based test data management systems, in applications “retirement”, and large banking databases IBM Optim-based depersonalization.


Account opening and contract generation system

Digital banking customer management


Contract management

All contracts easily searchable


General approval process

No more signature book


SAP integrated document repository

Standard SAP integration? No problem!


Test data management

Pseudonymised test data? GDPR or MNB compliance? No problem!



IBM Filenet and Content Navigator

Document-based content management A-Z with IBM technologies


IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW)

Digital business process management with IBM technologies


IBM Datacap

Automated image analysis of documents


InfoSphere product family

Data preparation in IBM style


IBM DB2 and DB2 DataWarehouse Edition

RDBMS for those who are looking for peak performance and without-compromise reliability


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