General approval process

No more signature book

The General Approval Process provides typical approval process steps for companies (small, medium and large enterprises, institutions), where the different steps can be customized by business area and departments, and the signed documents generated during the approval are stored in a central, unified repository. Users can access the system on role basis.

The solution covers the editing of individual approval process templates, as well as the approval and signature process up to multiple rounds, including the authenticated electronic signature of approved documents, and their storage in a central document repository.

Key capabilities

In addition to the general approval capabilities of the application (schema editing, document uploading, approval), the following features are highly recommended to our partners:

  • Customizability of different approval schemas, allowing to set up different approval processes without external technical intervention.
  • The ability to set up different document types for each approval process, this way the document types in the processes can be specified without external technical intervention.
  • Provision of authenticated electronic signatures on approved documents.
  • Sending e-mail notifications on assigning new process tasks, reducing the time needed to manage the processes.
  • Storing the signed, approved documents electronically in a single, central repository.
  • Easy, simple searchability of electronic copies of documents, ensuring faster results for users.


All elements of our solution are based on IBM’s professional enterprise backend systems, including business process management in the IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW) component and document management tasks in the IBM FileNet framework. These software tools are essential for our solution to work. They ensure continuous availability, high operational security, scalability and monitorability.

Uniformized web interfaces can be customized according to business needs, which increases the efficiency of guided user work, helping business processes to run successfully and on time.


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