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Barré solutions in public administrations

Traditionally, one of the greatest needs for digital business IT solutions has been in public administration processes, as fast, reliable, and accurate processes both within institutions and between citizens and institutions can be conducted almost exclusively in virtual space, based on data and document management. The highly regulated nature of the sector is monitored and controlled by a number of organizations, so ensuring legal compliance, documentation and auditability is a key requirement. In the field of public sector IT in Hungary, there is a specific technical requirement and a need to own source code and to develop custom solutions on an open-source code basis with reduced exposure to private owned software development companies. The highly loaded public IT solutions require careful planning, well-chosen scalable IT technologies and well-thought-out implementation projects from suppliers.

Barré Technologies’ content management, business process control and data analytics solutions have already proven their value in large public enterprises as well as in public institutions and administrations. Our public procurement portal solutions can cover the full range of processes from supplier qualification, tendering and contracting to product selection, tendering, and contracting for institutional buyers. Our procurement solution is based entirely on open-source code basis including the portal technology, database, document management, process management, data warehouse, form management and document encryption solutions.

With our expert team we focus on data integration, data quality and data lifecycle management solutions for public institutions. We have been involved in the design and development of so-called big data warehouse solutions for several different institutions using the DataVault data warehouse methodology, and in several cases, we have accelerated the implementation with specialized tools (e.g., ETL generation software). We have gained project experience in building multi-tier data warehouses, ETL-based data integration development work, mass generation of reports for our key clients in the public and government sectors.


Procurement system

Public and corporate tendering with OpenSource tools


Test data management

Pseudonymised test data? GDPR or MNB compliance? No problem!


Barre Data Mart

Historical reports? Freely selectable BI tools? All this with Open Source tools?



InfoSphere product family

Data preparation in IBM style


IBM DB2 and DB2 DataWarehouse Edition

RDBMS for those who are looking for peak performance and without-compromise reliability


Power BI riports for IBM data warehouses

Non MS based data warehouse exploitation with MS PowerBI tool? It can be done!



Enterprise content management with open source tools


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