Procurement system

Public and corporate tendering with OpenSource tools

The procurement system is a cost-effective solution for the centralized procurement processes of medium and large companies, groups of companies, institutions and holding companies, which can be accessed by all parties involved in procurement (suppliers, customers, procurement administrators) through a single role-based web portal interface.

The solution covers all phases of the procurement lifecycle, from tendering to actual procurement execution, for both suppliers and customers. In addition, it specifically supports procurement procedures based on framework agreements.

Key capabilities

In addition to the general procurement capabilities of the application (tendering, product/service catalog management, tender opening, tender evaluation, awarding, contracting), the following features are highly recommended to our partners:

  • Ability to jointly tender for the needs of multiple contracting entities, increasing the efficiency of procurement processes and the chances of achieving better volume discount levels.
  • The bid documents received can be encrypted until the time of opening, reducing the possibility of procurement abuse and ensuring procurement efficiency.
  • Bids can be broken down not only manually but also automatically, reducing the amount of live work and increasing efficiency.
  • Flexible, customizable BI reporting and data warehouse capability that can be extended to all stakeholders increases procurement efficiency by monitoring processes, suppliers and products.
  • Documents in hard copy and electronic format are managed using a document management system that is seamlessly integrated into the solution, reducing the cost of running document-driven procurement processes.
  • The system can automatically send authenticated electronic messages to defined users or roles about changes to the procurement process or procurement documents, reducing the lead time for procurement processing.
  • Flexible on-the-fly management of exchange rate changes, price changes, product changes to ensure uninterrupted customer service.
  • Support bulk loading of complete products, product groups or product categories to reduce the resources required.


All elements of our solution are based on open source technologies, with a modular architecture that ensures a low start-up cost and low overall cost of ownership while maintaining scalability. The main underlying technologies are Liferay for the web portal implementation and PostgreSQL for database management. Alfresco is responsible for document management and Activiti for business process management. Data loading and reporting functions are handled by Pentaho.


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