Account opening and contract generation system

Digital banking customer management

The Account Opening Management and Contract Generation System provides banks and financial institutions with a single point of contact solution for requesting account-related contracts, contract amendments and contract-related services for all account opening business lines (retail, micro, SME and large enterprise, mobile banking) through a role-based single web portal interface.

The solution covers the entire account opening process (including customer identification), the process of generating contractual documents related to the invoices, as well as the unified management, storage and retrieval of electronic documents.

Key capabilities

In addition to the general process capabilities of the application (customer identification, invoice opening, service request, signature process), the following features are offered to our partners as a special highlight:

  • Management of complex account opening processes (multiple account opening options and related service requests within one process) to speed up the process.
  • The account opening process can be easily tracked, so internal collaboration and information flow is more efficient.
  • Process control lists are stored in the process and (also) maintainable by business users, so that lists (e.g. account package matrix, account list) can be updated without technical assistance, thus speeding up change management.
  • Sending email notifications to specific users/groups during process activities, reducing task turnaround time.
  • Support efficient generation of contract documents related to invoices, simplifying the document generation process.
  • Storing templates for document generation in a central document repository, so that templates are stored in a single, central location, keeping the image stable.
  • Central electronic storage of generated documents, documents signed by the client.
  • Easy, simple searchability of electronic copies of generated documents, which speeds up the work of administrators.
  • Support for version management, so that different versions of each document can be retrieved.
  • Sending a link to an electronically stored document by e-mail, helping users to work efficiently.


Our solution is based on IBM’s professional enterprise systems in all its elements, including the IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW) component for business process management and the IBM FileNet framework for document management. These software tools are essential for our solution to work. They ensure continuous availability, high operational security, scalability and monitorability.

They ensure continuous availability, high operational security, scalability and monitorability.

Uniform, targeted web interfaces that can be customized to meet business needs increase the efficiency of guided user workflows, helping business processes to run successfully and on time.


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