Contract management

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The Contract Management tool provides effective help for medium-sized and large companies, institutions and groups of companies to manage contracts generated within the organization and contracts received from different business partners. Users can upload contracts via several channels: scanning, e-mail or the online upload interface. The solution covers the entire lifecycle of contracts, from their creation to their scrapping.

Key capabilities

In addition to the general document management capabilities (automatic storage of documents by subfolders, multi-criteria document search), the application offers the following features:

  • Automatic text recognition (OCR) for PDF documents received via e-mail or unsigned.
  • For documents sent by e-mail or fax (e.g. for documents with OCR or OCR for documents with electronic signature), the rights can be set automatically or manually when uploading contracts.
  • Automatic generation of contract IDs when documents are received.
  • Users can manually set up automatic notifications for each contract in a flexible way.
  • Bulk modification of partner list in a flexible way in the contract repository interface.
  • Partner systems can initiate changes to metadata of already stored contracts via a standard CMIS interface.


The solution used is based on IBM tools. The document management is implemented in the IBM FileNet component and the scanned document processing and text recognition in IBM DataCap. These software tools are essential for our solution to work.


IBM Filenet and Content Navigator

Document-based content management A-Z with IBM technologies


IBM Datacap

Automated image analysis of documents



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