Regulatory repository

Company policies digitally available for all

The Regulatory Repository is an IBM FileNet-based solution, which is primarily used for the unified and structured management of internal rules and regulations in companies, organizations and institutions. The system provides the possibility to manage the entire life cycle of regulations (creation, approval, review, amendment, withdrawal). The system of regulations is aligned with the company departments and the hierarchy within them, in order to create more specific regulations. The solution can also be used for companies and organizations that are subject to the strictest regulatory procedures, such as the healthcare industry.

End-users can access and use the system through a single web user interface, which can be fine-tuned by department and separated by role (approver, inspector, etc.). Delegation and substitution of assigned tasks can be managed within the system.

Key capabilities

The following features of the repository are highly recommended to our partners:

  • The entire lifecycle of the regulations is electronic, yet in compliance with the strictest approval regimes, making perhaps the most paper-intensive function of organizations working under tightly regulated operating regimes paperless.
  • Using customizable regulatory templates and document generation functions, the development of regulations can be automated. The turnaround times required to create regulations can be increased by orders of magnitude while eliminating human error.
  • The modification and editing of regulations can be done in a tightly controlled, but online manner, ensuring that regulatory versions are managed automatically and without human error, freeing up human resources to run the regulatory system.
  • The editing and development of regulations can be done in teams, producing more accurate documents with reduced lead times.
  • Single source of truth, i.e. all regulatory documents are stored in a single copy. However, documents can be stored in multiple folders and in multiple storage structures.
  • A centralized repository of regulatory documents makes it quick and easy to search for regulatory documents, speeding up regulatory tasks and reducing the use of human resources in the repository/regulatory repository.


Our solution is based on IBM ECM (Enterprise Content Management) products, so document management is implemented in the IBM FileNet framework. These software tools are essential for our solution to work. They ensure continuous availability, high operational security, scalability and monitorability.


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