Advanced document handling for meter calibration

Bulk meter verification without paperwork

The traditional paper-based management of meter calibration documents is a resource hungry task in terms of time, money, and material. Processing paper contracts, measurement results, and certificates using human resources is a time-consuming and costly task. To replace this, Barre Technologies has developed an automated IT solution that digitalizes these tasks, thus minimizing the need for human intervention. Once digitized, the documents required for business processes become easily searchable and accessible with access rights.

Key capabilities

Additionally to the general document digitization capabilities of the application, the following features are offered to our partners:

  • Different document loading methods:
    • E-mail account monitoring and processing of incoming mail attachments.
    • Monitor e-mail messages and receive mailboxes.
    • Process documents received in a filesystem folder
    • Manual scanning through a web interface or within an application.
  • Processing large volumes/sizes of files.
  • Identify document types, classes after custom analysis. Various graphics, words, and their location on the document help in classification.
  • Grouping/processing by barcode.
  • Repairing and reading (within reason) papers that have slipped, tilted, poor quality during scanning.
  • Process-based processing: possibility to define the document analysis flow. Examples include unrecognized barcode, handling of unknown document type, performing a different operation for each department, not confident enough character recognition, etc.
  • Sending e-mails in response to various events, e.g.: successful/failed processing, warning of the need for human intervention, etc.
  • Possibility to check and override extracted data in a web interface or within the application.
  • Export results in several formats during document processing:
    • To a specified folder in a file system e.g.: xml format.
    • Upload to IBM Filenet or other content manager.


Our solution is based on IBM’s internationally renowned and highly developed IT solutions. Text digitalization (OCR) is implemented in IBM Datacap, and optionally document management in IBM FileNet framework. Decades of experience ensure a high quality and reliable solution.


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