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IBM Datacap - the digital workforce

IBM Datacap – the digital workforce

Speed up your administration with IBM DataCap-based solutions from Barré Technologies! Since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, midsize companies have been forced to accelerate the pace of digitization of their administrative processes, and the increase in teleworking and remote customer management expectations has put these organizations under pressure to reduce costs. In response to these challenges, our IBM Datacap-based solution automates the capture of contract data from multiple sources such as paper documents, faxes, emails and electronic forms. This solution is ideal for businesses that need to manage large volumes of contract documents, streamline workflows and reduce manual processing. Our solution can be enhanced with our new IBM Watson AI-based development that automatically pairs incoming invoices with their corresponding contracts in the contract repository. Contact our colleagues for more information!

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IBM Filenet and Content Navigator

Document-based content management A-Z with IBM technologies


IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW)

Digital business process management with IBM technologies


IBM Datacap

Automated image analysis of documents


Industries where we are present

Energy industry

We support the transformation of the energy and utility industry into the 21st century with our IBM Filenet and IBM BAW-based digital solutions, as well as IBM data warehouse platforms specialized for the energy industry. Our systems for technical document management, object access, invoice receipt and policy publishing have proven their effectiveness in practice for both conventional and nuclear power generators, TSOs and DSOs.

Financial sector

Whether it is the complete digitalization of bank branch customer landing tasks, IBM FileNet-based contract management, or the migration and managed deletion of IBM Content Manager OnDemand systems widely used in the banking industry, or MNB and GDPR compliance for test data, our company has proven solutions at home and abroad.

Pharmaceutical industry

The healthcare industry, and within it the pharmaceutical industry, operates under highly regulated processes. No mistakes can be made in the handling of patients’ personal data or in the process of manufacturing medicines. We are happy to put our experience gained from the implementation of our highly reliable IBM FileNet-based contract management, maintenance document management or e-invoice management systems at the service of other large companies in the healthcare industry.

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