BARRÉ Advanced Enterprise Document Processing Framework

BARRÉ Advanced Enterprise Document Processing Framework

BARRÉ is firmly committed to the digitalisation of business processes, and has developed its enterprise document processing framework specifically for large companies operating in highly regulated environments that need it most. The platform is characterised by robustness, reliability, globally scalable performance and operability, and features that meet real business needs. From a technology perspective, our solution is built on three main building blocks:

  1. Enterprise document-based content management – Enterprise content management solutions provide a back-end system to ensure that documents in and out of the organization are stored in a centralized, version-managed location, free of redundancy, and easily accessible and searchable by any authorized person or application. Their integrations allow any application to be served almost invisibly, but with strict security rules.
  2. Business Process Management – The main purpose of Business Process Management (BPM) systems is to increase the operational efficiency of companies and organisations by reducing human errors and communication problems and by eliminating bottlenecks that reduce efficiency.
  3. Image processing, written text digitisation – Our automated image analysis system component for documents is a comprehensive data capture and document processing solution that is perfect for automating the process of capturing and managing content from multiple sources (such as paper documents, faxes, emails and electronic forms).

 The individual technology units are functional back-end systems in their own right, but provide a single end-user application interface and can be integrated with business server subsystems through a common interface structure that hides them from end-users. The technology components included in the framework become a true enterprise digitalisation target solution through the various functional BARRÉ modules built on top of them. Without being exhaustive, the BARRÉ functional modules that can be integrated are:

  • General approval processes
  • Authentic archive
  • Document management system
  • Meter validation
  • Technical document repository and review system for the nuclear industry
  • Regulatory repository
  • Account opening and contract generation system
  • Contract Repository
  • Form-based transaction management for banking processes
  • Access Authorisation Manager
  • Procurement Workflow
  • Regulation publishing system

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