BARRÉ GDPR compliant DevOps framework


BARRÉ’s GDPR-compliant DevOps framework offers a solution for organisations whose business processes and/or service products based on highly customised application software change frequently or handle a significant amount of GDPR-affected personal data, and therefore the efficiency, speed and regulatory (GDPR, MNB, etc.) compliance of application testing and data usage for testing purposes is critical.
In today’s IT intensive business areas (banking, insurance, telecom, services and other industries), the efficient operation of CI/CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery) processes and the rapid production of application developments often provides a competitive advantage in the market. Speeding up application testing and eliminating human error is a key issue in the increasingly repetitive and demanding environments. Automated testing and version release is no stranger to the IT industry, but GDPR-compliant test data provision is still a headache today and requires a lot of manual expert intervention.
Our solution relieves the operating staff of the burden of most of the data discovery, extraction and depersonalization tasks and also offers an online, up-to-date, role-based access-controlled data catalogue for automated/semi-automated, on-demand and rapid provision of test data content.

Key capabilities:

  • With BARRÉ’s GDPR Readyness Scanner, GDPR MAP and GDPR compliant pseudonymisation solution, the MNB’s test data management regulations for financial institutions, which will come into force in 2021, can be met and continuously complied with, avoiding the penalties that may be imposed.
  • Using the solution, test data generation processes can be automated, tracked and closed.
  • Robotic tests can be provided with a large amount of test data that is meaningfully consistent with real data, increasing their efficiency.
  • Not only personal data stored in structured databases, but also text or image files (.jpg, .pdf, .doc) can be pseudonymised.
  • The pseudonymisation rules, optimised for the Hungarian language, can be changed from a graphical interface without any programming knowledge, further reducing test data management costs.
  • For reusability of test data
  • Not only can the solution be operated using graphical user interfaces, but also its functionality can be transparently embedded into the CI/CD processes of a company or organisation through API calls, facilitating fully automated test data management environments, speeding up test processes and reducing costs.

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