Technical Document Repository

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The Technical Document Repository is a system for the storage and approval process of technical documents, providing an efficient solution on this field for medium and large companies, institutions and groups of companies. The document repository provides structured storage of technical documents, according to international standards; supports the approval and review process of these documents, and also stores the documents generated during the approval process. All participants involved (e.g. document owner, reviewer, quality reviewer) can access the system and the contents through the role-based web portal interface.

The approval process can be tracked, statuses, deadlines and process step data are available at document level or in the form of reports. The review process is supported by automated formal and content checks. Approved documents can be searched by multiple criteria, and the same document can be displayed in multiple folder views at the same time.

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In addition to the general document management features (multi-criteria document search, storage), we offer the following features:

  • Office Online integration allows users to review and edit documents in parallel. The reviews can be exported in a standardized format.
  • The document generation module allows the creation of documents in Word, Excel and PDF formats, based on templates.
  • The integration to third party electronic signature solution allows the authentication of documents in a user-friendly way, integrated into the business process.
  • Documents can be added to the document repository in a variety of ways, including automatic monitoring of file system folders, and loading documents from this source.
  • “Single source of truth”, i.e. each document is stored in only one copy. However, documents can appear in multiple folders and multiple storage structures.
  • Incoming documents are automatically recognized by the system according to rules, and relevant attributes are filled in, according to their type. Inappropriate incoming documents are filtered automatically, notifying the specified users of the error.
  • The possibility to involve external parties (external experts, authorities) in the document review process in a controlled way. In the same way, it is possible to give controlled access to specific documents.
  • The robustness of the system makes it suitable for managing a large number of document review processes at the same time, and for storing a large number of documents in a single repository, according to several different criteria.


Our solution is based on IBM products, as business process management implemented in IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW), document management in IBM FileNet and document digitization in IBM DataCap. These software tools are essential for our solution to work. They ensure continuous availability, high operational security, scalability and monitorability.


IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW)

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IBM Filenet and Content Navigator

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