Well-being events in December

Hegedüs Patrik 2024. 01. 05. Team building

In December, a number of well-being activities took place within our office walls, inviting our staff to various activities and a Santa Claus party. The Santa Claus party was the children’s event, with a chocolate fountain, glitter tattoos and face painting.

The Santa activities were followed by an evening Hütte party. And thanks to mulled wine and mini burgers, we didn’t go hungry.

For the first time this year, we also held a charity bake sale. It was great to see so many people enthusiastically making the cakes, and it made us really proud that the proceeds went to a good cause.

We closed December with ‘Dress up in an ugly jumper day’ so everyone could get out their favourite ugly jumper, and we even gave prizes for the most imaginative ones!