Máté Gergely 2024. 05. 30. Team building

Once again, the main focus was on fun at the Római part, where our company organised its usual summer kick-off barbecue and beer evening. The event was traditionally hosted by the Two Rombus.

The event has been one of the most anticipated social events in the life of our company for many years. As a venue, Két Rombusz is our constant choice, as it offers everything for the perfect evening: “Earth, (fresh) Air, Fire and Water”, which provides an excellent basis for a casual, fun-filled evening. The weather was not too kind to us this time, we got wet this year, as we have almost every year, but this could not spoil the good mood. The company was great and everyone had a great time.

During the evening Levi, who had already proved his talent last year, was once again great at the grill. He cooked delicious meats, grilled sausages and cheese. There were also a variety of tasty salads on the table, so everyone could find something to their taste.
And our helpful colleagues with their (also) talent as pastry chefs made sure there was no shortage of sweets.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s summer kick-off, hoping that maybe we’ll finally stay dry – but if not, we’re now confident that the rain won’t spoil the mood.