Access permit management

No more waiting at the freight gate because of the "chequered booklet"

The Access Permit Management System provides a solution for organizations whose premises require prior authorization and approval for the physical entry of individuals or vehicles to their premises.

Within the system, various types of access and entry permit requests can be recorded through a dedicated web interface or even an interface integration. After completing the online permit application, a multi-stage approval process is employed to assess the entry request. In addition to submitting the request, the responsible officers in charge of access control at the organization’s headquarters can verify the applicant’s entry data and the status of the permit through the application web interface. Deadlines, statuses, and details of the executing parties involved in the process can be queried.

The system can be integrated with the physical access control system, allowing the requested and approved permits to be transmitted securely.

Key capabilities

  • The system generates an electronic document (e.g., PDF) based on the recorded permit data, sends it as an email attachment to the applicant, and then stores the generated file in the document repository, simplifying case tracking and improving the transparency of requests.
  • Similarly, an electronic document is created for the decision made during the approval process, which is also sent to the applicant and stored within the system.
  • The claimants are identified and the system assigns them a unique reference number. A database is generated, from which applications and authorizations can be retrieved on a person-by-person basis, simplifying security checks and supporting rapid entry for regular visitors. Vehicles are registered by registration number.
  • In addition to the dedicated application interface, there is also the option for web service-based integration. In this case, application forms can be filled out on another platform using a custom-developed form-filling application and submitted for the approval process.
  • Approved permits can be passed to the physical access control system via web service integration, so the entire process from permit application to physical access can be managed in a connected system, reducing the risk of human error and abuse.


The solution is built on IBM products, utilizing the IBM FileNet for document management and the IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW) framework for case management.


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