BARRÉ Self Service BI Solution for financial institutions

BARRÉ Self Service BI Solution for financial institutions

According to recent analyses, the competitiveness of large companies and the operational efficiency of public sector organisations today depends to a significant extent on their ability to exploit and transform the data available to them into value. This is especially true for financial institutions, banks and insurance companies, where business is almost entirely based on IT solutions. The time available to turn the data accumulated in financial transactions into business value is decreasing due to the increasing time pressure of the competitive market. Financial analysts, decision makers and bankers need data-driven answers almost as soon as the need arises. There is an increasing demand for data analytics systems that can be used directly by business users, that can handle industry specialities in a comprehensive, self-service and easy-to-use manner.
Based on our team’s experience in the design and implementation of data warehouses for multi-institutional central reporting systems in public administrations, modelling, design and implementation of large-scale data warehouses in the energy sector, greenfield development of data warehouse solutions for facility management systems, and depersonalisation and anonymisation of large-scale banking databases, we have developed our own self-service BI package, primarily for our financial institution partners. With our self-service BI system, our partners:

  • Speed up their decision-making processes
  • Increase cost efficiency
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Improve their risk management practices

BARRÉ’s solution provides tight integration with business systems databases, follows strict security protocols to protect sensitive customer data, and provides a user-friendly, anywhere web interface that requires minimal training and allows users to navigate through data with ease. The self-service BI solution can be customised using the modules offered by BARRÉ, of which the following is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Agent performance KPI dashboard
  • Regulatory compliance reports
  • Customer churn analysis
  • Financial Abuse Analysis

Our solution is a framework, so it can be further extended to serve specific analytical needs with newer data marketplaces or even with modules to facilitate user interactions with artificial intelligence.

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