Project closing event

Jakó Niki 2023. 07. 17. Team building

We have recently successfully completed three major projects for one of our large corporate clients. We chose Chefparade Country in Etyek as the venue to celebrate this success –  and we don’t regret it!

We’ve been to Chefparade events before, but the Etyek venue was a new experience for all of us. In a beautiful setting, under green arbours, we attended a wine tasting hosted by the winemaker from the neighbouring „Hernyák Birtok”.

We tasted five different wines, each one more delicious than the last, while listening to interesting stories. After that, Bogi, the chef divided us into four teams. The red team got the sausage and breadcrumb soup, while the blue team worked on the roast duck leg and the orange braised lettuce. The burgundy apron team cooked mushroom stew with dumplings and the white team baked apple pie for dessert.

Cooking required a real team effort, with everyone doing their part. As with everyday office work, there was plenty of fun and humour, which almost led to purple cabbage in the apple pie (but the white team spotted the foul play in time). We really enjoyed the cooking, but what came next was even more anticipated: we ate the delicacies. Although it was not part of the concept, we made the evening even more exciting by scoring the dishes. The competition was very close, but in the end we decided that everyone was a winner, as we had a great evening together with delicious food and drinks.

Thank you Chefparade and Hernyák Birtok, we hope to return soon!