Electronic forms-based management of banking processes

Open source enterprise forms management

Today, in the “digital age”, paper-based forms are becoming obsolete. More and more businesses, including banks, are turning to electronic forms to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. The Open-Source software platform Orbeon Forms (also available as a subscription) offers a comprehensive solution for creating and managing electronic forms.

The software provides a user-friendly interface for creating electronic templates. Its drag-and-drop design allows easy creation of customizable forms that meet 21st century user requirements. An example is a financial institution loan application form that captures all the necessary information from the customer applying for a loan, but there are many other processes that all require different data to be collected. By using built-in form templates, an institution can significantly reduce the time and resources required to develop such forms.

While using our form management solution, it is possible to integrate various data sources including databases, web services and various APIs. This allows us to design form templates that automatically retrieve and populate data from related systems and master data that reside in other system(s). Thus, when a customer fills in a form, it can be designed to automatically display the customer’s creditworthiness and income data from the bank’s database. This not only improves the accuracy of data entry, but also reduces the time required for completion and processing.

In the background, the framework provides a seamless process for capturing, storing, and retrieving completed forms. Once a form is submitted, it is securely stored in the bank’s database and can be easily retrieved in the future. The Orbeon Forms-based form management system can also be integrated with workflow management systems for automatic transfer and approval of forms. This ensures that forms are processed more efficiently, reducing the risk of delays and errors.

The introduction of form templates will provide significant benefits not only for banks, but also for other industries that require data on a regular basis. The software’s user-friendly interface, unique form capture and storage process, and data integration capabilities help increase the efficiency of customer data requests. In addition to reducing costs, eliminating paper-based forms improves efficiency and increases security. Digital forms are faster to process, easier to store and retrieve, and can be easily integrated with other systems – offering excellent data analysis capabilities. Our Orbeon-based software solution can be an excellent choice for banks looking to improve their forms management processes as part of their digitalization efforts.

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